Sustainability Verbier E-Bike Festival
Verbier E-Bike Festival Sustainability Program

The Verbier E-Bike Festival is committed to improve it's sustainability across all areas of the event. Each year we aim to improve and reduce our impact on the environment and support social initiatives. In 2021 to do so we have partnered with Hydro Flask, World Bicycle Relief and Summit Foundation as sustainability partner we will collaborate together to improve and identify new areas of sustainable development.

10 Sustainability Tips


1 - I travel to the festival by public transport or I do carpooling

2 - I do not throw waste into the nature and on the trails

3 - I divide properly my waste even during the festival thanks to the recycling stations

4 - I do not waste food and I order the correct amount to satisfy my hunger

5 - I limit my use of single-use plastic by bringing my own bottle of water, my own coffee mug, cutlery etc ...




6 - I limit my production of waste by avoiding snacks or sandwiches with packaging (our food stations with local products will delight your taste buds!)

7 - I respect the pedestrians on the trails

8 - I respect the local fauna and do not stray from official trails

9 - I choose a sunscreen that is good for my skin and for the environment (minimum filter or dioxides base without nanoparticles)

10 - I take care of the equipment to ensure its lifespan


VEBF supports World Bicycle Relief

In 2021 EBWT and VEBF aim to make a difference not only in the E-Bike industry. We are aiming to be as sustainable as possible in all our activities. Partnering with World Bicycle Relief allows us to make the difference for many communities in need. To do so, we have decided to implement different strategies across all of the event areas. 

  • We will be will offering the possibility to our participants to donate during the registration process. 
  • Our sponsors and partners will be given the opportunity to offer one bike as part of their partnership. 
  • One of our competitors will be racing caring the colors of World Bicycle Relief and fundraising during the events. 
  • We are dedicated to spreading awareness through all of our communication channels.
Clean-Up Tour with Summit Foundation

The Verbier E-Bike Festival on the 11th of August teams up with the Summit Foundation hosting a mountain clean up in Verbier as part of their Clean-Up tour. During this day we will aim to pick up any waste which has been left on the local mountain. This ensures the protection of the local flora and fauna reducing the potential impact of the festival on the local environment. 


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Sharing the Verbier E-Bike Festival Trails

During your ride at the Verbier E-Bike Festival whether you are in a bike park or on open trails you might encounter oder riders. Be mindful and if they are faster let them through when you can, no one wants to disrupt their flow. 

On open trails other riders are not the only ones you might come across. People walking, running, families with children and dogs could also be sharing your same path, be careful and slow down to avoid any accidents.

Lastly, once you come into the tree line don't be surprised to have some wild encounters with some animals, this is their home, be mindful and stick to the trails.

Sustainability Partners