Go further, higher, longer! Discovery Trails

Discovery Trails offer routes suitable for all levels, from beginners to the most experienced, so that everyone can fully enjoy this unique experience.


By taking these routes, you will be able to contemplate the breathtaking landscapes of the Val de Bagnes while enjoying the power of your e-bike. You will discover hidden trails and spectacular mountain landscapes, while having the opportunity to stop for photos or simply to admire the view.


Some routes use ski lifts to access suitable terrain more quickly, while others offer routes using only leg power. What makes these routes unique is that they are not usually on the map and have been designed to maximize fun on an e-bike.


Depending on their level, each person can take advantage of what an e-bike offers to reach new heights and go beyond their usual distances. Refreshment points are also organized along the different routes, allowing riders to take a well-deserved break before pedalling on!


All of this takes place in a magnificent setting that offers plenty of room for escape and pleasure. Bring your own bike or rent one from us at the starting points.


We have E-MTB, E-Gravel, E-Road, and (even) non-electric bikes available!

Routes for 2023 will soon be available!


Not sure what to expect from the different Discovery Trail levels?


Swiss law states that you must be over 16 years old to ride an ebike. It is permitted for children between the ages 14-16 if they possess a moped driving license.