August 13 - 15 2023 E-Tour du Mont-Blanc E-Tour du Mont-Blanc

The pinnacle of e-bike racing


Verbier E-Bike Festival’s key event, open to good riders only. The three days cover 250km of riding, 9,000m of climbing, and 10,000m of descending. Accommodation, food, and logistical support are included in the registration fee. 


The E-Tour du Mont-Blanc is the flagship event of the Verbier E-bike Festival. As final of the E-Bike World Tour, it will bring together e-bike racers and the teams who have proven themselves at the previous stops in Flachau (AUT) and Tignes-Val d'Isère (FRA) . The E-Tour du Mont-Blanc is the only event in the festival reserved for experienced e-bikers, and is making a mark on the e-bike racing scene.


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A unique 3 Stops Tour


In 2022 the E-Bike World Tour is visiting Flachau - Austria,  Tignes & Val d’Isère high up in the French Alps and returning to Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc. Each race is split into long-timed stages over 2-3 days with tech zones where battery exchanges are available. This creates a unique format in e-mountain biking. A 3-day race will likely cover around 300km of single trails, in a mix of lush forests and high alpine scenery. Riders will race individually in Flachau and Tignes & Val d'Isère, in Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc riders will join forces in teams of 2. Riders collect points and battle for the overall win of the E-Bike World Tour.